Rice Pudding Anyone?


When we were youngsters, our mother made ‘rice pudding’ and she’d put a little dab of jam (jelly) in the middle – which inevitably led to having pink rice pudding, but no less delicious for it!

(Sorry, no idea what flower it is.ย  I’ve used a little photoshop work to kill some of the light, which has in turned brought some of the colour up and darkened the background)



18 thoughts on “Rice Pudding Anyone?

      • There are always many variety of the same flower or plant.
        I love the perfume of the peonies. Sometimes a bloom has been on the plant for a while before we pick it; in that case it will not last. There is a beautiful rose called Iceberg that grows tall and becomes covered with great blooms but when cut and taken into the house they last only two or three days…
        I enjoy your photos very much.

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