At the reservoir featured in my recent posts, this angler was doing the fly-fishing thing.  I’m guessing he was after Rainbow or Brown trout, I don’t know how the water stocked.

From a composition point of view, I guess it’s really a picture of two halves, but as I wanted to give a wider feel for his environment, I left it as I took it – I have others which ‘zoom in’ on the angler a bit more, but then they lose all context and the location could be any piece of water.


4 thoughts on “Angler

  1. You did an excellent photo. I love the photos where the human activity is embedded / absorbed into the landscape – it put us in perspective – your image does just that !

    • For me, the balance has to be between the detail and the scene itself – finding that point where the minimum amount of detail is still acceptable – in the version the angler is just a few pixels but I think there’s enough to give sufficient impression (we can’t see the anglers fishing rod, for instance, but there is sufficient to hint at the activity (with the prompt from the title 😉 ))

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