8 thoughts on “Calm Before the Storm

    • I’d been to a cycle road race before so I knew what to expect.
      I took 1/2 dozen shots of a breakaway group as they stormed past and then tried to video the main peloton as they came through – I’ll not bother with the videoing again (a facility on my little compact that I’ve not really used before.)

      • Absolutely right too!
        I would have had to get there very early to get to a decent hill – many of the routes into the area were closed early.
        As you may have seen from the coverage of the Tour in Yorkshire, the crowds were significant, dangerous even, not my thing.
        While I can understand people’s enthusiasm, but I wonder how much racing was lost because the cyclists couldn’t overtake – those sections must be pretty tedious – a narrow corridor of people to navigate while they shouted at full volume into our ears, darted in front with cameras and prodded you in the kidneys thinking they were helping you along with a helpful push. 😉

      • I was very surprised by the english crowd on the side of th road, some tv images we got here showed a crowd that you usually see on mountain stage in the Alpes. I know that the crowd can change the mood and the pleasure for the road spectator as he/she is watching the cyclists , something that the Tv spectator does not feel at all on his couch

      • 🙂
        It’s a difficult choice visit the race in person to see the riders for a few seconds or watch most of the race on the TV.
        There has always been a strong following for the race here but with the success of the Sky team over the last couple of years, many other people have become enthusiastic.

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