Poldenvale Lambway


On a recent walk, I saw this scale on top of some rather rusty looking ironwork. Whether the scale worked – (it was used for weighing lambs – possibly before sending them to market, or maybe for dosage of preventative medicine) – I don’t know.    It always seems a shame that farmers seem to have a tendency to allow their equipment to fall into disrepair after a period where they might have used it.  (Perhaps this one was abandoned before ebay days.)


4 thoughts on “Poldenvale Lambway

  1. I don’t know any farmers who allow machinery they are using to fall into disrepair. That would be a good way to have a quick exit from the farming business. Most farmers are good at keeping equipment going and they almost always learn the skills to do all the maintenance themselves. On the other hand, farmers usually don’t have the time to keep maintaining things they aren’t using. When you see farm equipment in disrepair you can usually be sure it’s because it’s no longer being used and farmers are reluctant to get rid of anything because they can’t be sure they won’t need it again. We’ve hauled off truckloads of old equipment dating back over 100 years on our farm that my predecessors hung on to for that reason. In some cases I’ve come to wish I could have it back.

    • Thanks, Bill!
      “When you see farm equipment in disrepair you can usually be sure it’s because it’s no longer being used ..” – I have not doubt this is the case!
      You would just need to look in my garage to see that I follow a similar practice with my old stuff! I have so much crap I can’t get the cars in. While there may not be space in a barn – perhaps a sheet of tarp would defer the ravages of time.

      One of the significant features of the countryside in the UK is that it is all man made and over time a network of public rights of way have been overlaid on the changing ownership/boundary demarcation. (Landowners are obligated to maintain these rights of way). As you will know, the world is full of those less fortunate in their assignment of respect/self control – as a consequence it is likely that damage to neglected (redundant/obsolete) equipment is caused by passing…… idiots.

      From a purely selfish point of view, it gives me, as a keen photographer, another layer of subjects to go at!

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