18 thoughts on “Hamper

  1. Nice contraposition of light and shape. It feels like Caravaggio’s use of sudden light, but he did color. Check stuff by Hockney too. He also did color though. I believe it is him who did a window or door open onto the sea – a similar effect but in color.

    • As it happens, I’m quite familiar with some of Hockney’s work – he was born not 20 miles from where I live and there is are a few of his works in the local area – I think I remember the work you recall.
      The work of Caravaggio and his like is often in the back of my mind when I’m looking around for subjects for my photography – I do like slanting light.

  2. PS: it is rather difficult to paint in monotones … the lure of color is irresistible. Wyeth did tone down color in some of his interiors. See the bed by the window if you can find it. Great photo anyway.

    • The dog on the bed picture?
      One of the advantages a painter has over somebody who uses a mechanical process to record a scene is they are less bound by the reality of the scene they record. Trying to photograph with a medium with a relatively narrow dynamic range (light) means areas can be either too dark or burnt out….. jiggery pokery with Photoshop can be useful but ultimately, to me, less than adequate.
      (I will always take pictures where the light is interesting, not matter what the subject – light rules! 😉 )

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