For Apprentice Climbers?


I rarely see youngsters climbing tress nowadays. I’m sure they must do – though maybe those who might be so inclined spend more time killing aliens and various ghouls and vampires in their computer games.Β  Sheep and cows frequent these fields, which skirt the banks of the adjacent reservoir.


13 thoughts on “For Apprentice Climbers?

  1. We had an oak tree in our garden when we were kids in the early 60s. I suspect health and safety and parental peer pressure would stop us today. Too dangerous! Well we never broke any bones. We planted acorns and scraped our knees a bit. And dad tied a swing to a bough for us to play on. Happy days.

  2. You never said a truer word! Life has changed for kids with the digital revolution – says he sitting at his computer! Also tree-climbing is risk-taking and modern society has gone too far in the business of protection perhaps. Des.

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