Invaders from Mars


When I see a tree like this – on the edge of a ridge, with a row of fence posts running by – I  half-remember a 1950s science fiction film.  Like a dream on the edge of my memory, I only had a sketch of a scene in my mind – something about a young boy and a ridge with a tree and a fence.  This time I decided to get to the truth of my memory.  It turns out that the film is ‘Invaders from Mars”, which was released in 1953.  I haven’t had a chance to sit and watch the film through (which is available on youtube) but a quick scan of the beginning suggests my memory is flawed, or mixed with other inputs, as there is a stand of trees running up to a ridge, and not a single tree.  No matter, I will still think of the film when I see a similar scene – and, through my research, I now have another background project, which will require me to sit through a lot of science fiction films (oh dear, what a shame!).


7 thoughts on “Invaders from Mars

  1. Haven’t thought of that before you mentioning it – you are right, they could be a part of a Alfred Hitchcock (I love the movies of him, I wasn’t old the first time I saw them and they’re still fascinating) scenry too… 😀

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