Pillars and arches are difficult to resist as a subject for black and white photographs.

Ecclesiarum | My photographic essays of churches

8 thoughts on “‘Peace’

      • When I was in my first years of school this type of needlework was something we did – I believe my mother still has some examples we made over 50 years ago!
        Certainly there is a lot of creativity in some of the kneelers I have seen and it would be nice for some effort to be spent recording them – unfortunately, they are not really my thing, except when they provide an ‘artistic’ contribution to a photograph I might be taking….. Of course, if somebody wants to sponsor me to visit all my local churches to a make a formal record….. 😉

      • They can certainly offer a burst of colour or some relief in texture – the light can rake across them nicely. I never move them, I rarely move anything in my church work (unless there’s a well meaning explanatory sign) – which means their effect can change quite quickly as the light moves round the church.

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