Reservoir Landscape


The shadow side of the distant plantation of conifers acted as a convenient foil to the sunlit tree on the hillside.



10 thoughts on “Reservoir Landscape

  1. this sort of makes me sad in a way; but only as i recall conversations with locals every time we walked around Rutland Waters and hear them discuss what once was there – and still is under the water – and flooded to make what’s now there, still and all, Rutland Waters is an attractive (if man made) locale

    • Certainly many of our local reservoirs caused the death of a number of small villages – although something of a small scale compared to the major upheavals inflicted on many communities around the world, traumatic nonetheless.
      Though it would be fair to say that a certain romance has developed around the notion of submerged villages – especially when water levels drop to show some detail of world that used to be.

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