Grey Squirrel 2015


Seems a bit late in the day to wish everyone a Happy New Year, but I do so, nonetheless.  I’ve not done quite so much photography over the last few weeks, so I was pleased to be able to get this little pest this afternoon.  Only a youngster, he/she was investigating the various wind blown fruits, nuts and seeds from nearby trees.

Happy New Year!


29 thoughts on “Grey Squirrel 2015

  1. Oh dear, we have such an acrobatic pest in the garden ever day, pinching all the bird feeders down to the last nut, I feel like getting a good shot of him as well … 😉
    Happy New Year, Stephen!
    Best regards, Dina & co

      • Black squirrels are subset of the Eastern grey squirrel (USA) and brown squirrels are a subset of the American red squirrel (USA). American reds are considered to be a separate species from the Eurasian red squirrel, mainly because their ranges do not overlap. The American reds are a separate species from the Eastern grey.

      • Get the drift, thanks!
        Unfortunately, we don’t get Reds round where I live – I’d have to travel 100miles or so to stand a proper chance. The Greys we have here are charming but a real pain in the backside from a bird feeder point of view.

      • The bird feeder problem, we have plenty of that too. That’s why we hang a feeder from a shepherd’s crook in the yard. While some squirrels have tried climbing the crook to get at the feeder, only a couple have figured it out and the others quit. When the feeder was on a pole, the squirrels figured out how to get to the bird seed until I fashioned a “collar” from an empty soda bottle and placed below the feeder. The collar stopped them.

      • I’ve used a slightly different tactic in the past – hanging the feeder from a branch on a string and placing a flat wide lid on top of the feeder – they still come down the string but the lid forces them out so wide to get round they lose their foothold and drop to the floor. The piece of plastic I was using seems to have gone walkabout so I’ll have to sort something else out.

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