Quiet Footpath


Had to take my car into the garage for some minor repair work yesterday, with the view to picking it up the same day. Unfortunately, as seems the case so often, the garage were supplied with the wrong part, so they had to delay the repair until today.  The garage is about three miles from my home and I usually use my bicycle to drop off and pick up my car – I can put it in the back of my small MPV.  However, today was not a day for riding my bike – a temperature just above freezing after a dusting of snow overnight and driving snow showers meant I preferred to ‘wimp out’, choosing to hoof it instead.

Although the title would suggest one thing, the footpath is anything but quiet, as it runs alongside the A1 Motorway, a main route North/South through England.  The scrub trees on the right give some relief from the traffic noise and more particularly today, some respite from the biting wind.  In the event, as I often find, the weather became perfectly reasonable for cycling, but, hey, it was a pleasant walk.  (And I saw my first Treecreeper of the year – once a birdwatcher always a birdwatcher!)



10 thoughts on “Quiet Footpath

  1. Lovely photo. Very rarely am I able to stop my car to take a picture of something I have seen. Cycling and walking make photography much easier and best of all for identifying birds is walking. I have similar problems with my garage – I often have to take the car back some time later to have a part fitted. I sometimes have to wait almost 6 months for non-urgent repairs! This part of the country is very s l o w !

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