Riverside Track


The riverside was a bit wet and slippery the when I scrabbled along it, so I wasn’t as adventurous as I might have been – I didn’t fancy a soaking in the flooded river.  The track passes through the gap in the cliff to the right.

The hard disk of my pc has been on a slow decline over the last couple of weeks, making the time I spend doing what I do less and less efficient as I waited for the drive to sort itself out.  Something had to give, unfortunately it needed to be my budget.  Still, I now have a nice new spinny thing and a new OS too — no excuses now!


4 thoughts on “Riverside Track

  1. My computer has been giving me grief the last couple of weeks also so I have been thinking about changing my computer….it is four years old now. Curiously it seems to have coincided with upgrading from BT hub 2 to hub 4.

    • Can you sue them? 😉
      My pc is 6 or 7 years old now but it was quite near the top of the range when I bought it so I think it will be okay for a bit yet. It seems to run Windows 8.1 okay and I’ve just started to try the Photoshop/lightroom package from Adobe – photoshop seems okay – I’ve not used Lightroom before so I’m working through that, but it seems okay.
      My pc was getting slower and slower so I put it through some diagnostic tests that I got from the hard drive manufacturer, they corrected some bad sectors but also advised me there was some sort of electrical problem. New disk makes my pc seem like a new machine, but it might be something down to the new windows too.
      All the best

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