Charcoal Kiln

Charcoal Kiln

When we walk through our woodlands we can often see evidence of coppicing carried out in times gone by.  Through the years our coppices have been neglected and unmanaged.  Nowadays, there has been an increasing interest/enthusiasm to return these areas to something more useful.  This charcoal kiln is a demonstration of this.  At one time, I would never see one, nowadays, while not common they are not so unusual.


14 thoughts on “Charcoal Kiln

    • I have to be honest and admit I have absolutely no idea! Frimley’s around 220 miles from me. If you are a charcoal user, it’s worth looking out for locally produced charcoal – I don’t suppose it production side will be any more ecological than any other charcoal, but there are the ‘green miles’ to take into account – no point in having all this charcoal shipped in from abroad if we make it ourselves!

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