I wasn’t going to post this one, the image is not particularly interesting. It was more of a compositional experiment – would the tree on the horizon have as much power in the scene when it was committed to a photograph?  Yes.  Possibly because it’s the only interesting thing in the picture, maybe it’s the dark against light aspect, maybe it’s simply an application of thirds but for me it does have a significant amount of ‘weight’ in the composition, for such a small proportion of the picture.

ps  – awful colour blue for the sky – not sure why that is…….

6 thoughts on “Eye-puller

  1. Yes its odd isn’t it? The effect is stronger in the larger version of the picture I think. Wonder if the impact would reduce if you rotated the picture so the tree trunk was vertical and then cropped it to get the horizon tree back near the one third position? Maybe its position just above a clear horizontal break in colours is part of the explanation?

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