13 thoughts on “Music Shoes

    • Ah… the wooden structure to the left is part of the frame of a church organ, with the horizontal bars as the pedal board. To play the pedals efficiently it’s best to have smooth flat-bottomed shoes to be able to slide between the pedals. I guess the organist has left her shoes so she doesn’t have the chance of forgetting them for her next performance.

      • Never beat yourself up for not ‘seeing’ something – if the visual clues don’t give you the ‘in’ to tell you what is going on because you’ve never encountered something before, then the picture might work on more than one level. (Great!)
        I realise I do have a bit of a thing for organ pedalboards -I’ve posted one before, from another church but digital black and white. https://stephenhip.wordpress.com/2014/03/29/soft-shoe-shuffle/

      • The nearest I got to playing an instrument was when I picked up a tin whistle (aka penny whistle) a few years ago. I persevered for a while but I was concious that I was disturbing others with my ‘shrilling’ – so knocked it on the head.

      • I reckon that’s better than me. I was given piano lessons as far as A Mus A, who (on account of being exported to the other size of Oz) wasted them completely. You’ve wasted nothing.

      • My missus bought one of those upright electric pianos which sounded quite good and the key action seems to be quite realistic – headphones make it silent from a music point of view but I can still hear the thump of the keys through the ceiling (it’s upstairs) but that might not be a problem with concrete floors.

      • Au contraire, mon cher: this damned building – six floors, refurbished from a fairly old bank stationery repository – transfers sound as if it’s designed for that sole porpoise.

        And if ‘masonry’ is the same as concrete, well …

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