Church Door


The priest’s side door of the church in Hunsingore.  The header for this post gives a remote view of the church. (The name ‘Hunsingore’ really appeals to me, seems very romantic.)  Hunsingore is a small village in the county of North Yorkshire.  The church is very ‘Gothic’ but is not particularly old, 1868.


20 thoughts on “Church Door

    • I’m very lucky, I’m surrounded by old churches, though I tend to concentrate on those with some Medieval roots. This Victorian church was locked so I wasn’t able to get a look at the stained glass, which can be an interesting demonstration of Victorian craftsmanship.

  1. You must be a bit like me ! – our European travels had me (on the few occasions of my having the Nikon Coolpix in my hands) taking MANY photos of doors – but mostly castles. Old ones. Preferably ruined ones. 🙂
    Hunsingore is a WONDERFUL name ! – have you looked up its … erhm … origins ?

    • It is quite rare for me to walk past a door of a church without photographing it, but I don’t tend to visit many Victorian churches, preferring those with some Medieval features – though most churches have come under the ‘revisionist’ hand of the Victorians.

      origins? No, though it does appear in the Doomsday Book – apparently
      The Lord in 1066 was Ligulf
      The Lord in 1086 was Richard of Sourdeval
      and the Tenant-in-Chief was Count Robert of Mortain.
      … I’ll let your imagination weave a story behind that! 😉

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