Forgotten Gate


Very much towards a Pictorialist offering.

35mm, FP4, Rodinal, with digital sepia for this place.

16 thoughts on “Forgotten Gate

  1. I didn’t realize there was a name for that look/movement. Thanks for that. I can now apply it to the high noise-low light photos that my DSLR is plagued with, which I often find look best when converted to a sepia monochrome! I love your take on the gate.

    • 🙂 I thoroughly recommend you review some of the work of the Pictorialism movement. which slots somewhere in between 1870 and 1920. Some of the work wouldn’t get past the editor’s cut by today’s standards but their attempts at bring art to photography, bearing in mind their limited technology, were extremely beautiful.

    • Thank you!
      Sometimes the ordinary can become a pictorial image which fires the imagination. This photo is a scanned negative on a film that has been waiting to be developed since Christmas and would have been taken last year! One of the joys of ‘old-fashioned’ photography is the surprise of ‘Oh, yeah! I forgot taking that one!’
      A pretty cottage?…..I think you may have been down that track yourself….. 😉

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