Random Plank


One of my favourite subjects for photography is the seemingly random stuff I see on my exploration of my local environment – in this case a plank.  I’ve no idea what it was doing there – it’s what I recognise as a scaffold plank.  There was no evidence of building work nearby.  At a guess the local youngsters are probably using it for BMX tricks or maybe as an impromptu ladder to get to the upper reaches of the remains at Spofforth Castle, (North Yorkshire) near to where I live.  Not really a castle, more of a fortified lodge.

The darkness of the shot is very much in keeping with the conditions -overcast and pushing towards sunset.


13 thoughts on “Random Plank

    • Thanks.
      Now that I look at it again. I think the composition could do with more space to the right of the frame and perhaps two steps to the right at the taking stage (or I could have put the plank in the back of my car because it looks a useful piece of wood!)

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