Something Alive in the Woods


If you go walking in the woods on your own and hear a noise you don’t recognise, turn quickly to the source… you never know what you might see.


18 thoughts on “Something Alive in the Woods

    • No, it’s not my handiwork . I was out on my bicycle, exploring my local lanes and byways. This was up on a wooden hillside, with a river behind me. I’d heard of this and other work but didn’t think of it until I encountered it. Unfortunately, I only had my small compact camera with me.

  1. Weird Indeed Stephen ! Its a great picture and worth taking even though you say you only had a small camera with you at the time. Did it seem to be a modern day carving or an ancient carving ?. It must have meant something. That would bug me and I would have to find out the history.

  2. Stephen: It’ s been a while! First of all your, HEADER, is great. Something Alive in the Woods is quite special. The artistry and sun and light combination provide just the kind of feeling we somtimes get when in the woods. Someone is quite a craftsman. NEAT!

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