If you have to work somewhere…..


The pottery in Uig, Isle of Skye.  I wasn’t going to venture inside myself, but my daughter and wife seemed to be taking a particularly long time over their browsing.    I entered to find them at the shop counter – exchanging folding paper for paper bags stuffed with stuff they like to purchase.


8 thoughts on “If you have to work somewhere…..

  1. Dear Stephen (if I may)
    Wonderful material! I am interested in ancient baptismal fonts for an inventory project. We do much of the photographing ourselves but we cannot reach everywhere. Came across a font we do not have an image of at Acaster Malbis; you do. Would you permit us to reproduce yours with the appropriate credits and links?
    Thank you for considering our request.
    Miguel A. Torrens
    Baptisteria Sacra Index
    University of Toronto

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