On ya bike


I confess, I’m a cyclist! – one of those lycra clad devils who take up so much road space.  I originally started cycling to overcome a problem with photography.  I got fed up driving round and seeing great pictures but nowhere to park.  I had the idea that I’d find a suitable place to park and cycle back to take whatever shots I’d seen.  I thought I’d get some training in…… and got a bit carried away!

This is my trusty steed, a picture taken earlier in the year.  It was the cheapest bike I could find that had a reasonable set of gears (relative, I know).  I’m tending to do just shy of 3000 miles a year at the moment – I was hoping to get through that barrier this year (and 100,000 feet) but the weather hasn’t been so conducive to cycling – I don’t go out if it’s raining or too windy.  I’ve done my first solo 100 mile ride this year and I’ve gone through the 40 mph barrier (downhill with the wind behind me!)

And have I used my bike to support my photography ? …. nah!  With my heart pumping the way it does I’d never hold the camera still.  But I am a lot fitter than I was!


10 thoughts on “On ya bike

  1. Hey Stephen,
    cool bike ….and i like it although i am more the old fashioned mountain biker ( have an old handbuild yeti arc …and yes…made in the USA ) This is my ..suv..for a town like Hamburg 🙂
    Best regstes, Jürgen

    • Thanks, Jürgen.
      I have a more robust hybrid trek that I use as my suv – not as capable off road as a mountain bike, but my go to bike for going to the shops and riding local bike tracks. I was going to buy myself a nice carbon road bike but then I started to consider titanium as whatever I buy will probably be the last bike I buy…… but now I’ve spent my budget on a decent pair of binoculars instead!

      • Yes Steve…getting older nearly every day 🙂 Trek was the bike i bought from my first photo job money, steel and red, the old 970…the come the first carbon Trek , the 9800…moved to Hamburg and it was stolen 3 days later….my last bike? I dream of a Santa Cruz Blur …very fast…but also very expensive…like a small car but without engine….will see next year…may be ?
        Best, Jürgen

  2. Top marks for clocking up so many miles. I think I failed to do more than 1750 last year. Like you I’m not usually brave enough to put a fragile camera on my bike. My target this year is to hit 50mph, 46.2 mph was my max last year.

    • I’m going to give the top speed a miss for the moment. I’m spinning out at just over 40mph (I’m on a compact) and don’t feel confident if I can’t feel something back from the pedals. I’m thinking about getting a new bike, originally to be a carbon job, I’m starting to consider a titanium one, as I see it’s likely to be the last frame I buy.
      I’ve not got off to a good start this year, though I’ve done a fair bit on the indoor exercise bike. But I hope to pick it up a bit in the coming months. Good luck with the 50!

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