Water Rail


This little character is a Water Rail, one of a pair I watched at the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust nature reserve at Staveley, North Yorkshire.

I’ve recently resumed my pastime of birdwatching, after an absence of several years.  A new pair of binoculars and a freshly dusted spotting scope have already been put to good use as I brush up on my recognition skills.  I’ve given myself a couple of years to get into the flow again before I get into the twitching side of things.



2 thoughts on “Water Rail

    • Thank you. Water Rails were a bogey bird for me for a long while. I can remember the first place I saw one – it was unexpected at the time…. as I’ve now learnt from birdwatching – never expect the unexpected, but don’t be surprised when it occurs. I spooked a couple of Goosanders on a local river and watched a Hare chase some Partridges at the weekend!

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