8 thoughts on “Grey Wagtail

  1. Great photo – it looks much darker than our local Grey Wagtails. Since my employer blocked external downloads I’ve been unable to use my proper cameras – and I’m kicking myself, on recent walks I’ve got within 10 paces of fabulous Yellow Wagtails.

      • Ouch! Sorry to hear that.
        I bashed my elbow a couple of weeks ago, it was not too painful so I continued to ride my bike on short (1-1:30hrs) with seeming no problem. Did a near 4hr ride earlier in the week, unfortunately it looks as if I’ve aggravated it enough to give myself phlebitis, (Doc’s telephone assessment) so I need to keep off the bike for a bit.😭 I’m going to have to watch the squirrels raid my feeders as I use my exercise bike no handed!

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