Faffing About

Taken at the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) site at Bempton Cliffs, East Riding of Yorkshire in the UK. My visit was an attempt to see my first Albatross – whilst I did see a small spec on the sea which I was reliably informed was THE Albatross, I shall revisit again next year if the bird deems appropriate to return. (I’ve not claimed it as a ‘tick’.)

It’s not so exciting here at the moment so I’ve been faffing about with an image or two – probably a bit too much with one!

—Stephen G. Hipperson—

5 thoughts on “Faffing About

  1. Interesting rocky coast… I searched on Google too, “Bempton Cliffs”, yes I remember because of films, series, etc. This is amazing place. I hope you can catch albotros, they are great birds, how I wished to have them in here too. It is so exciting to watch them, I live this feeling with Herons, yes, in here I can watch them, they come to the tallest tree… But I haven’t taken their flights yet. It is the hardest part I think, especially for me. Anyway, Thank you dear Stephen, have a nice day, I am sure, there is always something around you interesting for photography, Love, nia

    • Thanks.
      A trip to the Antartic was high on my list of things to get round to but I’ve side lined that now as I’ve proved to myself I wouldn’t have the sea legs for it! A future trip to the Falklands might be something instead.

      As far as I can ascertain, the Albatross we had may be only Black-browed Alabtross this side of the Equator. It can’t get back as there is not enough wind to get South again (Doldrums). So the poor thing may go through the rest of it’s lile without a mate – and as they bond for life…….. sad.

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