On a walk I spotted this by the coastal path. At first I thought it to be one of those wall retainer gizzmos to stop the wall from buckling. But clearly it is marked by a rather unique pattern. Turns out to be a labyrinth, which is a symbol used by a community biassed group for the creation and maintenance of Cornish hedges – referred to by the name of Kerdroya.

—Stephen G. Hipperson—

8 thoughts on “Kerdroya

    • Thanks. Yes, I guess it is a community based group, as you suggest. What I was trying to say was the group’s output was biassed to serving and educating the local community – with school visits, field trips etc. As a tourist I had to go looking for an interpretation of the sign.

  1. Great find, Stephen! This a 7-circuit ‘classical’ labyrinth, sometimes also referred to as the ‘Cretan’ style. As you have already seen, an example of the Welsh cognate can be seen here: The full size one on Bodmin Moor that you have linked to looks wonderful.


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