Druid’s Temple

This 19th Century folly is near Masham, in North Yorkshire. William Danby, the local landowner paid some local unemployed labourers a shilling a day to construct it.


—Stephen G. Hipperson

Stylised Fish

It’s not often I see something which I’ve never noticed before – these stylised representations of fish gave me cause to pause a while. I’m quite sure these are not particularly unusual, but it’s something I’ll keep a look out for in future. I quite like the simplicity.

–Stephen G. Hipperson—

Bathhouse Wall

Section of the Roman bathhouse wall at Ruínas Romanas de Milreu, just a few kilometers from Faro in Portugal. It’s part of a Roman farmhouse complex.

Managed to get some warmth into my bones in the Autumn/Fall last year with a short trip to Portugal. It was supposed to be a unwind/sunbed/read a book vacation, but after the first couple of days I was crawling up the wall. Fortunately, my family had picked an area with ‘things that might interest you’ (they’ve known me long enough to anticipate my inability to relax for long). Anyway, just up the road from where we were staying was this Roman bath house. Some nice fish mosaics as well as some patterned floors.

—Stephen G. Hipperson—

Chatsworth House

I could have done with taking this 1/2 hour later, I would to have liked better lighting on the front. But time was against me – I was getting a bit of ‘hurry up’ from the rest of the family and I’ve found I can push it only so far! 😉

—Stephen G. Hipperson—