Folding Up



I’ve created myself a new blog. To a certain extent completely OTT but I felt it needed to be done for my thinking process.  Essentially, the new blog is restricted to a small project that I’ve started, in which I will be using my two classic folding cameras – a Balda and a Voightlander Bessa 1.  Both are medium format cameras using 120 film.  (12 shots on the Balda and 8 on the Bessa!)


Door to the Secret Garden

Some time ago I stuck my hand up at a local club auction and bought a couple of folding cameras.  One a “Baldix” with a 75mm f3.5 Ennagon lens and Prontor-S shutter.  As you’ll guess, with a 75mm lens it takes 120 film (6×6 – 2 1/4 square).  There’s a fair bit of rubbing to the coating on the lens but I think that will add to the quality of the photographs it will produce.

I’ve only had a chance to put a single film through, but this was my favourite.

Developed and then negative scanned and minimal wiggly bits in PS.

I’m considering doing a little project with this and the other camera, a Voightlander Bessa 1 but it takes a bit of impetus/get up and go to get the film and get on with it.