Pigeon Basket


Out on my bike yesterday, I was extending one of the routes I follow – exploring, if you will – and placed right in the path was this pigeon basket.  Used to transport racing pigeons to their release point, I can’t think how it got there, as the location would not be conducive to releasing pigeons, being next to a major motorway.  It didn’t look broken at all, so it’s unlikely to have fallen off the back of a lorry – although, of course, it might have ‘fallen off the back of a lorry’ (been stolen).  I suppose I could have carried it home on my bike but as I had no use for it – I prefer my pigeons in a pie – I left it for somebody else.  It will be interesting to see if it’s still around when I next venture out that way.


High-Five Cop


At the recent Tour de France event in Yorkshire, people were waiting for significant periods of time for the cyclists to flash past.  This friendly motorbike policeman added a little excitement as he ‘high-fived’ youngsters when  he drove down the road.  A fair number of older ladies thought they’d get in on the act too!


The Vicar’s Bike


One might wonder on the crime figures around here, if the Vicar has to go to such lengths to keep her bike safe!

At the weekend, we (Yorkshire folk) are to be visited by the Tour de France, as Stage 1 (the Grand Depart) starts  in Leeds and travels to Harrogate (190km) and the Stage 2 whose route is from York to Sheffield (201km).  Yellow bikes have appeared everywhere – interspersed with dotty ones and green ones.   Thousands of people have been trying to work out the best place to see the race – subject to the closure of roads (towing notices are appearing on all the approach roads), parking (farmers are charging £10 per day to park in fields) and the trip home.  It will mean an early start for many.