Model Plane


I saw the plane first, then I heard it, then I saw it’s owner.  I don’t know much about these things, but by my estimation the guy certainly knew what he was doing.  He didn’t have it tumbling around the sky like some demented mosquito – his control had the little buzzy thing performing a series of well controlled maneuvers between periods of level flight.



Painter of Seville


I’ve never given a lot of thought to how they paint the sides of buildings in narrow streets – I just presumed scaffold would be erected, but hanging precariously from a rope obviously works too!


Lady Triathlete


This lady has already completed a river swim and she is about a mile into the cycle stage – I suspect it can feel quite intimidating to have a tractor like this behind you.  I doff my hat to her (and fellow competitors).


Doris Schweizer


Doris Schweizer is a member of the Cyclane Pro Cycling Team.  Taken during the Women’s Tour de Yorkshire. I just liked the juxtaposition of this one.  Two different worlds – I have no doubt the motorway traffic was oblivious to her and her ‘attendants’ and vice versa.

For my sins, I have become a enthusiastic cyclist (nose over the front wheel – well as far as my stomach will let me!), as oppossed to just using my bike as a means of transport. (I’ve got to do something to lose those pounds and raise the heart rate!)