Grrrr… mutter, mutter, mutter.

I don’t know if it’s just me, the way I use PCs or I’m just unlucky, but I’ve had another hard drive go tits up on me.  It has been a gradual thing, the read/write seems to have become slower and slower … and slower.  Accessing my digital photos with Bridge or Lightroom has been next to impossible.   Despite the numerous updates from Microsoft and Adobe over the recent weeks I concluded it was a problem with the drive and not some spurious bug introduced by Auto Update.

I’ve now installed a new drive and am in the process of recovering the majority of my images from my backup drive – 1.5 TB I think.   Unfortunately, some of my more recent work wasn’t backed up so I’ve jury-rigged the faulty drive into another, older machine in an attempt to copy the files onto it – Windows is telling me that it’s going to take 11.5 hours to copy one folder of 15GB – scratch that, I’ve just checked and it’s now going to take 16 hours.  Whatever I can recover will save me having to redo my editing.

I don’t mind wasting my own time, but I hate have my time wasted.


On ya bike


I confess, I’m a cyclist! – one of those lycra clad devils who take up so much road space.  I originally started cycling to overcome a problem with photography.  I got fed up driving round and seeing great pictures but nowhere to park.  I had the idea that I’d find a suitable place to park and cycle back to take whatever shots I’d seen.  I thought I’d get some training in…… and got a bit carried away!

This is my trusty steed, a picture taken earlier in the year.  It was the cheapest bike I could find that had a reasonable set of gears (relative, I know).  I’m tending to do just shy of 3000 miles a year at the moment – I was hoping to get through that barrier this year (and 100,000 feet) but the weather hasn’t been so conducive to cycling – I don’t go out if it’s raining or too windy.  I’ve done my first solo 100 mile ride this year and I’ve gone through the 40 mph barrier (downhill with the wind behind me!)

And have I used my bike to support my photography ? …. nah!  With my heart pumping the way it does I’d never hold the camera still.  But I am a lot fitter than I was!


If you have to work somewhere…..


The pottery in Uig, Isle of Skye.  I wasn’t going to venture inside myself, but my daughter and wife seemed to be taking a particularly long time over their browsing.    I entered to find them at the shop counter – exchanging folding paper for paper bags stuffed with stuff they like to purchase.