Pool IV


I’m currently reviewing my library of digital images to create a screen saver sequence to display on an old pc  (used to play music and browse the web  in the kitchen).   Random being the operative.  I thought I’d post some to my blog too.


Music anyone?

Definitely not my usual subject, but if it’s there you have to give it a go.




Careful inspection will show that this peculator has seen better days.  Well, it must be over 20 years old, if not nearer 30.  We used to use it a lot in the old days, but tea is a difficult habit to kick so it gradually fell into disuse….. that is of course except for Christmas, when for some reason it became a tradition to get the thing going on Christmas Day.   I test it every year before the day to make sure it works. Everything seemed fine.  But on the day it just couldn’t come up with the goods.  I don’t know about you, but if I’m relying on something and it doesn’t work, I have to replace it (repair would be more expensive than a new one).  So this will go the way of many other ‘utensils’ – whether it will be replaced with similar only time will tell.

For whatever reason, it occurred to me that I should photograph it – not just a snap but something a little more dignified.   This is what I ended up with – all black with a bit of shiny reflection, a bit like an advert.

Single speedlite through a white umbrella (you can see the reflection in the glass jug) , with some reflected fill at the right and on top.

By the way, the small yellow sticker is a bit of a mystery but I think it was applied during a house move a zillion years ago.


DJ Stance


Another snap.  This is the left foot of a young guy who gave us a half hour set of DJ mixing – it all seemed pretty passive to me.  I kept waiting for him to lift his head so that I could get a shot that showed me his eyes, but his concentration was such that it didn’t happen often.  For whatever reason, the light on his foot caught my eye.  It seemed to shout out the fixed stance he had – I don’t think he moved it during the entire set – like a foundation to his performance.

For the moment, I feel I need to decline from posting individual ‘artist portraits’ – the centre caters for ‘vulnerable adults’ so I need to be somewhat sensitive to this and besides that I don’t have their individual permission!




Santa Gets the Beat


A bit of a departure from my normal photography, I took a few pictures at a ‘Christmas Concert’ given by the community arts centre that I visit.  It was the first time that I’ve done the photography thing at such an event, so it was more of an exploratory effort on my part.

Whenever I take photographs I always look for something that tells more of an indirect story  – I often ignore the main subject and go for the peripheral detail.  In this one, I caught sight of the shadow of the drummer’s hand and drumstick – though I it also looks as if Santa is taking a beating.


I’ll Be Back David.

The last time I had a moment to listen to my stereo system with headphones was some time ago.  So long ago, in fact – no, not when Mr. Bowie and cassettes were all the thing! – so long ago that the plant hadn’t grown across my headphones – it’s fairly taking over the place – which reminds me – I owe it a watering. (No! Not weedkiller!)