Merry Christmas

I couldn’t come up with some snow but these Robins always look a bit festive.

If you drink have a nip of something to warm you through, if not, take some extra time to make yourself a satisfying beverage just how you like it. And look after yourselves – remember, without you there’s no us.

All the best.

—Stephen G. Hipperson—

Polluter Power

Milby Lock

I came up with a number of titles for this one, but decided to use Polluter Power as, despite how we might try to dress up or feel good about our occasional ‘person powered’ efforts, we go away from them and continue to add to the overall problem of pollution – whether by direct or indirect contribution.

(Says he, typing on a plastic keyboard source unknown, looking at an LCD monitor source unknown, attached to a pc source unknown – goodness knows where the materials originated and how. Then there’s the electricity, the telecommunications  and all the other ‘stuff’ that makes the internet work – to allow us to talk about pollution but still carry on our own merry way.)


Pier Head Ferry Terminal, Liverpool

Ferry Terminal Liverpool

Seems that this particular building was another that caused a furore when it was built.  Personally. I don’t find it objectionable – to my mind we need people to push the boundaries (visionaries?), to help us see what is possible – and maybe inspire us to stretch ourselves, challenging our individual boundaries, trying something new (even if it’s simply to add a little more saturation/contrast to our photographs than we might normally apply! ;)). .


No Offence Intended


When I took picture in a village church, I had a particular thought in mind – something around ‘times were simpler then’ – I was thinking back to the days of Sunday School and all that, when I was naught but a nipper – and how much more complicated life becomes as we get older.  (Partly fuelled for our insatiable lust for knowledge).  But now I have come to look at my image again, I can see more sinister undertones.