The Flybrary by artist Christina Sporrong

Somewhat out of context in the situation I found it. Back in October it was part of an exhibition in the grounds of Chatsworth House – displaying works from the ‘Burning Man Festival’ in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

This work was part of the 2019 festival.

—Stephen G. Hipperson—

 Duke of York Stone

Another in my Peak District series – to one side of the stone a Crown above a capital Y and the date 1826 has been carved into the face – the exact significance of which is still a mystery to me.
More recently somebody has used painted the letters “DUPED” with black paint – again, I’m afraid the significance of this is lost on me.

—-Stephen G. Hipperson—-

Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família


I recently spent a few days in Barcelona, Spain.  The obligatory visit to the Gaudi Cathedral left me uninspired, if I’m honest.  I didn’t find it a spiritual place – and the sheer number of tourists taking their selfies made the space pretty manic.  Light levels were quite low as it was a cloudy day, so I had to push the ISO on my compact camera up a fair bit.