Sperm Whale (Just)


The primary reason for our visit to the Azores was for the opportunity to see a whale – not dolphins, porpoises or the like, but a genuine whale.   The first few days we were there the sea was too rough for the sightseeing boats to go out.   A calmer day was forecast so we booked to go – with the chance to see a Sperm whale.  Off we set in a double-decker boat.  On the journey out they gave us a talk on what we might see – setting our expectations.    A whale was spotted so we headed for it.

A Sperm whale has its blow hole on the front of its head which made the sight of it a little unexpected.  We watched the whale for about 15 minutes as it hyperventilated before its next dive.  The whale took a last breath and then upended, tail in the air, and disappeared below the surface.

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Footnote:  I little confession here – I was lucky to get any pictures at all, indeed it took a great deal of mental fortitude on my part.  Just prior to us spotting the whale I had an attack of the landlubbers nightmare – fortunately the boat was equipped with an ample supply of ‘just the right size’ plastic bags.  From what I saw, several others had similar problems.  I was fine until the boat stopped and again when the boat resumed it’s forward motion back to port.   I wasn’t swell in the swell!


A Corner of Tintagel Castle


Allegedly the place where King Arthur was conceived, under a very decidedly devious deception of his mother.



After the Storm


I know some like to collect pictures of wayward flip-flops – here’s one I took a few years back.

It’s easy to take photographs of objects, for many of us it’s the mainstay of our photography – but what I try to do, if I can, if the inspiration is with me, is try to take the photograph in such a way as to make it a picture – something which prompts wider thoughts/musings.  As here, where wider scenery was just too favourable not to include.

The image is also one of those, which although the colour is relatively muted, it does not work so well as a black and white convert – the flip-flop loses much of its status in the frame.