After Sunset

Went for a swift hike down the local disused rail track, now used as cycle/walking-the-dog byway. Happened to clear the tree cover just after the sun had gone down and was able to take this shot. The reflection in the foreground is of a large puddle in the ajoining arable field. More of a ‘research’ photo really – as the wind was preventing a smooth surface and the middle ground lacks any real interest.

—Stephen G. Hipperson—

Textured Sky


There I was, relaxing, reading a book, a cup of tea by me, when I looked up and saw the sky.  I just had to take a photo, so I did.  The result was a bit of a compromise between when I first noticed the texture and what it quickly dissipated to – a grey sky – my little camera takes a few moments to sort itself out to be ready to take photo. (But I liked the juxtaposition of the walls against the sky.)


Fisherrow Harbour, Musselburgh.


The Fisherrow harbour at Musselburgh in Scotland is a lovely little harbour.  From what I saw, the harbour is mainly used for leisure sailing yachts, though a couple of fishing boats were moored on the far side (maybe others were out fishing until the tide turned).  It would have been nice for the tide to have been in, for a few reflections, but I’d settle for a lovely sunny day instead.