There – and back again.

RedArrows_MG_8881 RedArrows_MG_8888

Walking back to my car, after spending a little while watching the Tour de France cavalcade rush past, a sudden noise made me look to my left just in time to see the Red Arrows whoosh past, on their way to do a flyover of the formal start of the race.  A mere couple of minutes later they came rushing back the other way.  If you have a camera slung over your shoulder, what are you going to do in such circumstances?


Takeover Bid


It seemed to me that the green was making a bid to takeover the blue – or maybe some integration going on. (I suppose I could suggest the red is just on the sideline in this particular discussion.)

(I’m a bit bored this morning, doing the chores……. let’s be honest, I’m messing about when I should be doing the chores! ;))


Two More Buildings of Liverpool

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Not much to say about them really – I just looked up and they seemed to say ‘Take me! Take me!’ so what could I do! 😉


After the Storm


I know some like to collect pictures of wayward flip-flops – here’s one I took a few years back.

It’s easy to take photographs of objects, for many of us it’s the mainstay of our photography – but what I try to do, if I can, if the inspiration is with me, is try to take the photograph in such a way as to make it a picture – something which prompts wider thoughts/musings.  As here, where wider scenery was just too favourable not to include.

The image is also one of those, which although the colour is relatively muted, it does not work so well as a black and white convert – the flip-flop loses much of its status in the frame.