Lady Triathlete


This lady has already completed a river swim and she is about a mile into the cycle stage – I suspect it can feel quite intimidating to have a tractor like this behind you.  I doff my hat to her (and fellow competitors).




Had my first trip to watch some cycle racing at a Velodrome at the weekend.  Loved it.

From a photographic point of view it was very difficult.  Light levels were not that conducive to shooting fast moving subjects.  Still it was a learning experience for me (what more can you ask for!).


High-Five Cop


At the recent Tour de France event in Yorkshire, people were waiting for significant periods of time for the cyclists to flash past.  This friendly motorbike policeman added a little excitement as he ‘high-fived’ youngsters when  he drove down the road.  A fair number of older ladies thought they’d get in on the act too!


Jet Skis in Newcastle-upon-Tyne


Showing off to the crowd the youngsters driving these jet skis where having great fun.  Each was chaperoned by an adult and all were dressed in dry suits – it was a warm day but falling in the water would not have been too comfortable.