More Observation Really Essential


Observation, observation, and more observation – I didn’t see the white tarpaulin over the end of what seems to be some scaffolding (which I didn’t see) – I also didn’t see the yellow sign right down the end of the street – which seems to be advertising ‘Cornish Pasties’ and the picture is taken in York, North Yorkshire. (Now while I like the occasional Cornish Pasty, the sign really doesn’t fit in my aesthetic sensibilities for this shot of York.  There’s also the question of the bright light down the end of the street – but that’s a bit about timing, I don’t think it would take much to use a pedestrian to moderate the intensity a little (adding a bit of masking with a long exposure, as here).

Of course, one way round the yellow sign is to drop it to black and white but the tarp is still a problem.



Level 3


I’m not sure what these guys were up to. At first I thought they might be ‘bouncers’ but the one of the right has a clipboard and neither seemed to have the build expected of a traditional bouncer. I liked their ‘humanity’ amongst the straight lines and angles.


Odds and Sods

A collection of images that I took on a trip to Castleford, West Yorkshire a few evenings ago.

Part of the bridge and its reflection.

sign_MG_3434 A self sown tree growing at the edge of a temporary car park.

Texture of water seen over a pedestrian bridge.

textured_MG_3422I just liked the combination of corrugation coupled with other textures in this scene.

I think this is the wall of an old public toilet, but I could be wrong – it forms the boundary wall of a building.