Water Rail


This little character is a Water Rail, one of a pair I watched at the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust nature reserve at Staveley, North Yorkshire.

I’ve recently resumed my pastime of birdwatching, after an absence of several years.  A new pair of binoculars and a freshly dusted spotting scope have already been put to good use as I brush up on my recognition skills.  I’ve given myself a couple of years to get into the flow again before I get into the twitching side of things.




Latest Generation Adversary


I can almost see the cunning in its eyes!  Just waiting for me to move out of view before it has another crack at the bird feeders.  I will prevail…. hopefully!


Grey Squirrel 2015


Seems a bit late in the day to wish everyone a Happy New Year, but I do so, nonetheless.  I’ve not done quite so much photography over the last few weeks, so I was pleased to be able to get this little pest this afternoon.  Only a youngster, he/she was investigating the various wind blown fruits, nuts and seeds from nearby trees.

Happy New Year!


Great Tit


As an aside to my current images, the Great Tit pair are going all out in feeding their young nestlings.  I have seen their little ones gaping at the entrance hole, so I think it won’t be long before they fledge.  Whether I get to see them…. we’ll see.


Unreasonable Expectations


Unreasonable Expectations

‘You cannot be serious!’ – seems apt as a comment from the ducklings to their mother.  I watched these youngsters for a good 10 minutes or more, struggling against the flow and the sight of the waterfall in front of them, while their mother stood by. I have no idea how she thought her youngsters would get up the fall.


None But The Brave

I did admire the courage of the youngsters, some disappeared behind the fall before being shot out again by the flow.  If I’d had a bucket, a pair of wellies and some steps to get down to the river I might have been inclined to do a rescue job.  (Though, I’m sure I’d have made matters worse as the ducklings would have scattered and there was an outside chance the mother might abandon them altogether.)



Yes, they did come together again – though strangely the ducklings continued to swim up the ‘rapids’ – then I saw the Drake still on the top section – maybe it was him that started the whole episode off in the first place!!.