Folding Up

I’m about to engage in a small project using a couple of classic folding cameras.  After careful thought, I decided to start another blog specifically for that project.  It can be found here.



6 thoughts on “Folding Up

  1. just had a quick peek at your folding-up site!
    good project…dont know how youre gonna get the time to post on 2 sites but hey…what the hell!
    ive got several folders that i use…voigtlander vito 11, vitessa, zeiss nettar, super ikonta, blah blah blah!
    good luck and lets have your shots asap!

    • ooooo nice cameras.
      Unfortunately, my two are not in the best of condition, but they seem to be free from light leaks, the shutters seem to work (though I’ve not really tried the lower speeds), and, judging by the frame spacing on my latest film I’m starting to judge the wind on a bit better.
      My last film, I’ve tried to do a bit of focussing using the distance markers but I can tell from the negative already that I have missed the focus – still if I get half the frames in focus, reasonably well exposed I will be happy for the time being (anyway, who wants pin sharp pictures, I’ve got my dslr for that – that’s what I keep telling myself! ;))
      Cheers for now.

  2. Great idea for a blog, Stephen! I purchased two medium format cameras and a slew of lenses (for WAY too cheap) about three years ago and plan to play with film a little. I shot wedding many, many years ago (before digital) with a Mamiya 645 and really enjoyed using it. Now those film cameras can be had for a pittance. I’m taking a page out of your book (er, blog) and going to do a film-camera-only blog when I do start shooting with those cameras this summer! Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Thank you.
      I look forward to seeing your new venture.
      What I’ve the most difficult is actually doing it with film. I even have a film version of my digital camera (so my lenses are compatible) which I take with me on occasion, but it rarely comes out.
      One positive(?) is that I become much more discriminatory with film, taking a fraction of the shots I take with my digital camera.

    • Hello All, I know this is late, but, despite what many think- I love medium format cameras! I use the 617 Fuji most of them time and now, was fortunate to acquire a Plaubel Makina 67 which is more ideal for closer ups. I think I have every sized medium format and use them most of the time as our weather is too wet for the 8 by 10. People will love the results when you use the medium formats. 120 film is easier to process also! Best, Susan

      • Thank you, Susan.
        I much prefer to work with 120 than 35mm film!
        I have had a little play with a 4×5 camera and would like to add one to my collection, but budget and time and realism suggest it would get little use by me….. for the moment!
        Good luck – and Happy New Year to you!

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