Barn Door


Whenever I take a photo of a barn door, I’m reminded of my Mother’s standard scolding ‘Will you shut that door, do you think you live in a barn?!’  .. later shortened to ‘Do you live in a barn?!’ …… I got the message eventually – and clearly I’ve never forgotten it!




I couldn’t resist taking a snap of the side of this ‘barn’.  I don’t know how old it is, but judging by the window in the upper left face it must be quite old.  I like the obvious changes/improvements that have been made over time – in particular the barred windows and the little fanlight above the door.  I like the harsh dark shadow of the tree across the face of the building, almost like some ancient cracking in the stone work.  I like the deep blue sky.  But most of all I like the sheep which just happened to be in the right place at the right time – its pose reminding me of those old paintings where a wealthy gent stood in front of his prize possession, a horse, bull or country house.


Dales Barn 1

Some of you may recall my ‘A Patch of Sunshine’ posted earlier in June (2nd) – well the day was blessed with patches of sunlight which moved across the landscape, like some celestial searchlight, it was just a question of being in the right place at the right time and waiting, trying to judge whether this one would hit your subject or not.  In this case it did, very nicely thank you!

Yorkshire Dales.