A few more boats

A few more boats in the harbour at Lyme Regis.  The main difficulty is the complexity of the detail, trying to work a reasonable composition without too much peripheral information and yet keeping sufficient to give the context I wanted.


From the Cobb 2


A few metres from the shooting position of my previous shot.

I always find it difficult to judge just where the framing of complex scenes should be – there are always bits of things on the edge of the frame and it feels that they should be cropped out or included in full.


From the Cobb


A small harbour at Lyme Regis, in the UK.  Taken at the end of the day as the sun was sinking behind the cliffs, throwing a shadow across the gathering of boats.  A popular town with tourists, it’s main draw is it’s location in the length of coastline known as the ‘Jurassic Coast’, renown for the fossils that are found on the beaches and in the cliffs.