For the Fire Warden


Seen at one of the most recent churches I’ve visited.  I suppose there must be so many lit candles at times, it’s wise to take precautions – especially when if youngsters and cassocks are involved in processions.





I found working on this image interesting – my natural inclination was to try to correct the flare coming from the top right (where there is a window), but in correcting I felt the image lost something (for me) – so I’ve left uncorrected.  I wasn’t tempted to clean up the wall, as this is such an important context element.




I have to admit this particular image has an element of serendipity about it.  Co-incidentally I made a comment about the serendipity only the other day.  To me serendipity is not about what we accidentally find to photograph but what we photograph accidentally – in this case, I really didn’t notice the chair was missing a leg when I took the photo, I was too busy trying to fit the subject into the frame in the confined space in which I was working.