Had my first trip to watch some cycle racing at a Velodrome at the weekend.  Loved it.

From a photographic point of view it was very difficult.  Light levels were not that conducive to shooting fast moving subjects.  Still it was a learning experience for me (what more can you ask for!).


The Bike Race

In recognition of the Tour de France, I thought I’d post my one and only effort at covering a bike race.  A few years back the Tour of Britain route brought it through my town – and as I was at home for the week – I decided I would cover it.  With all these big events, they were able to give a guesstimate on the actual time it would hit the town, so I packed my gear and went up to a spot which I knew was near the rise of a small incline (the hope was it would slow them down a bit).

I arrived 30 minutes before the time and picked my spot and waited… and waited. Then a cyclist came into view wearing all the gear – I thought it was a bit strange as I’d presumed they’d have an advanced guard of police to make sure the road was clear.

As it turned out this was an elderly gentleman out for a day’s cycling.  And as it further turned out, I was a day early!  (doh!)

Of course, the positive side was I knew exactly where I was going to stand and had a rough idea how fast these guys were going to come through.

I was up at my spot the next day and there were one or two other people waiting too – (sigh of relief!).   Here is a selection of the pictures I managed to take.

Here They Come!

Showing good form.

Purple Patch

In the Peloton 1

In the Peloton 2

Coming up the outside!

Red Boots

Making a break

Thanks for coming!

Okay, I underestimated the speed these guys go.  The whole thing lasted no more than 5 minutes between the motorbikes going through and the cars disappearing down the road (my elderly cyclist friend was no real indicator! – but then you didn’t expect he would be!)

My favourite shot is actually the last one – as it seems to sum it all up somehow.