Church Door


The priest’s side door of the church in Hunsingore.  The header for this post gives a remote view of the church. (The name ‘Hunsingore’ really appeals to me, seems very romantic.)  Hunsingore is a small village in the county of North Yorkshire.  The church is very ‘Gothic’ but is not particularly old, 1868.


Still No Visitors


Out for a ride on my bicycle this morning, I visited a ‘derelict’ building, the door and window of which featured in an earlier post. (  I’ve missed the optimum day for the ivy by the looks of it – and it’s going to be a long wait for another opportunity!   The sun is much lower this time of year so the shadows of the trees are a bit more of a problem.


West Door


Apart from the difficulty of finding a true vertical/level reference point, I found this particular door really weird to look at.  It seemed to me the door was smaller than in reality. I think it might be a question of proportions rather than perspective.  The door is in the west wall of the tower of this particular church.




Door VII

Door of Chiurch at Skelton near Newby Hall

I almost let this one slip by (the horror of it!).  Two metal grid gates (left and right) fronted the door and covered this great ironwork.

Church of Christ the Consoler, Skelton cum Newby, North Yorkshire.