Barn Door


Whenever I take a photo of a barn door, I’m reminded of my Mother’s standard scolding ‘Will you shut that door, do you think you live in a barn?!’  .. later shortened to ‘Do you live in a barn?!’ …… I got the message eventually – and clearly I’ve never forgotten it!


A door in the wall – where does it lead – does anyone know……


….. does anyone care?     The question is rhetorical.

More striped grass.  I did try removing the grey path in photoshop but the picture didn’t look ‘right’.


No Exit

There I was, filling some time during the lunch break at a ‘Day School’, wandering the back streets, as you do, looking for interesting interplay between shadows and walls/objects,  when the shadows on the wall attracted my attention.  It was a couple of moments before I realised exactly what I was looking at.

I sure hope the door was a fire exit, though, as it’s an outward opening door, I suspect it was.  What I really liked was the provision of the shovel for any would-be rescuers to clear the way!