17-40-70-200mm Angle of view

A bit of an experiment, one of those things that you think might be a good idea but somehow never get round to.  The objective was to show the effects of using different focal lengths on the same subject and thereby demonstrate the compositional options.

I chose the 8 straw bales as the subject, with the tree in the background as the secondary element, ensuring the bales occupied about the same amount of the frame in each case.  As the focal length increased, I increased the distance from the subject.

17 mm
Forgive the shadow!  The bales are the dominant subject in the frame.

40 mm

70 mm

200 mm
The tree becomes starts to dominate.

17 mm – Position as 200 mm

After I took the 200 mm shot I stayed in the same position and replaced that lens with one of 17mm.  A crop to include just the bales shows that from a perspective point of view the 17mm shares the same as the 200 mm at the same position.

The increase in focal length also demonstrates foreshortening – the bringing together the apparent distance between objects .