Fisherrow Harbour, Musselburgh.


The Fisherrow harbour at Musselburgh in Scotland is a lovely little harbour.  From what I saw, the harbour is mainly used for leisure sailing yachts, though a couple of fishing boats were moored on the far side (maybe others were out fishing until the tide turned).  It would have been nice for the tide to have been in, for a few reflections, but I’d settle for a lovely sunny day instead.


A few more boats

A few more boats in the harbour at Lyme Regis.  The main difficulty is the complexity of the detail, trying to work a reasonable composition without too much peripheral information and yet keeping sufficient to give the context I wanted.


From the Cobb 2


A few metres from the shooting position of my previous shot.

I always find it difficult to judge just where the framing of complex scenes should be – there are always bits of things on the edge of the frame and it feels that they should be cropped out or included in full.