Castle, Church and Power Station


From the ruins of Pontefract Castle (West Yorkshire).  The stone work in the foreground is part of the fabric of the castle itself, the tower with pinnacles is that of All Saints Church and the power station in the background is Eggborough.  The castle at Pontefract has a long and important history, it’s believed that Richard II was murdered there.


The Chicken and The Gull


I saw the potential for this shot from some distance, so eased myself closer and closer – to an increasingly frantic alarm call from the gull (the cockerel was pretty quiet).  I expected the gull to take flight just as I got into the right position, like these things do, but I was lucky and I managed to get a couple of shots.  Unfortunately, I had to drop a down a fair bit from my original position to get the juxtaposition just right – it would have been nice to get a few feet higher to get more of the gull – instead of it being hidden by the chimney pot.