Tall Ship in Town

Stavros S Niarchos

The tall ship Stavros S Niarchos is owned by the Tall Ships Youth Trust. To the left of the frame is the old Pump House and in the distance is Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral. The ship is moored next to the Maritime Museum and International Slavery Museum.   The Maritime Museum is worth a visit if you like boats…. the International Slavery Museum is worth a visit, full stop.


Pier Head Ferry Terminal, Liverpool

Ferry Terminal Liverpool

Seems that this particular building was another that caused a furore when it was built.  Personally. I don’t find it objectionable – to my mind we need people to push the boundaries (visionaries?), to help us see what is possible – and maybe inspire us to stretch ourselves, challenging our individual boundaries, trying something new (even if it’s simply to add a little more saturation/contrast to our photographs than we might normally apply! ;)). .


Two More Buildings of Liverpool

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Not much to say about them really – I just looked up and they seemed to say ‘Take me! Take me!’ so what could I do! 😉


Liverpool Hilton


The Hilton hotel is the one on the right – the other two I’ve already posted.I chose to turn this one to black and white as the buildings lend themselves to that approach, but also because the bright red lightship was slap bang in the middle of the frame – now it’s hardly noticeable.